1980 World Cup Winner Gordon Banks at the Helm of Telford United

It’s February 1980 and Gordon Banks is managing his first and only senior team Telford United. He’d taken over as boss in January 1979.  He gave an interview to a reporter from The People in a wooden hut during a lunch break.



The article described how Gordon would get involved in the club’s activities and would often dole out lottery tickets in a local supermarket to raise money as well as other things.



banks oic




He went on to describe how he regretted not being given the chance to manage a bigger club, but he was determined to make a success of it at Telford – if not he could ‘take a pub’. Although football would remain his passion.

The article concludes with Gordon getting back to his daily activities.

“Meanwhile it was back to coaching, scouting, picking teams, selling lottery tickets, signing autographs – and answering questions about that World Cup save from Pele nearly 10 years ago. Ten years is a long time in football. Ask Gordon Banks.”


Gordon Banks was sacked in September 1980. He told the BBC in 2010 that this stint at Telford United has put him off management for good

“It broke my heart. I just couldn’t believe that I’d put all that effort in and found I just got kicked in the teeth and it just disappointed me that much, that I didn’t apply for another job. I did not want to stay in the game.”

Telford finished 13th in the 1979-80 Alliance Premier League during his time there. They lost 17 out of 38 games.


The People - Sunday 10 February 1980
The People – Sunday 10 February 1980




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