Danny Dyers in Time

Inspired by the new BBC programme  with Danny Dyer I decided to trawl the newspaper archives to see what other Danny (or Daniel) Dyers have been up to in the past.

I found some cracking stories from the 19th Century of Danny Dyers who’ve been caught up in cock fighting, smuggling, bloody accidents, theft, executions, prostitution, bigamy, and bird fancying!

Let’s start with this story from July  1822

 killed by fighting cock

danny hampshire chronicle - monday 01 july 1822
Hampshire Chronicle – Monday 01 July 1822


The Daniel Dyers I’ve been finding in the newspapers didn’t seem to have too much luck…like this poor Dyer from the Cotswolds who cut his finger off.

dyer kentish weekly post or canterbury journal - tuesday 20 december 1808
Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal – Tuesday 20 December 1808


One thing I’ve found is you don’t mess with Dyers…

If you do be prepared to face the consequences…This Daniel Dyer, pub landlord of the White Hart Inn, Chichester, took out an advert in the paper to one non-paying customer and his female companion who bolted without paying the bill – leaving behind their horse and cart…

hampshire telegraph - monday 15 december 1806chaise_(psf)

He gave Thomas Roberts until the 17th December 1806 to pay the balance, and also pay the fee for the advert, or he’d sell the horse and cart. I doubt somehow that Mr Roberts and his accomplice ever came back.

Don’t steel from Danny Dyer. In 1801 a number of solders were put on trial in Essex for various felonies. Three of the soldiers had stolen sheep from Danny Dyer and the consequences were, well, well-dire…

dyer kentish weekly post or canterbury journal - friday 31 july 1801
Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal – Friday 31 July 1801



Danny Dyer and his son John were caught in 1833 allegedly attempting to smuggle brandy in a ship called the Fanny

dyer southern reporter and cork commercial courier - saturday 28 september 1833
Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier – Saturday 28 September 1833

dyer smuggle


But they got away it! Much to the delight of public.

dyer versdic

1834 -Attacking a policeman? Make sure your with your best mate Mr Happy…

dyer gloucestershire chronicle - saturday 01 february 1834
Gloucestershire Chronicle – Saturday 01 February 1834

In 1838 Danny gets thirsty and illegally milks a cow.

dyer wiltshire independent - thursday 11 january 1838
Wiltshire Independent – Thursday 11 January 1838



In 1893, Danny, a fishmonger, gets banged up for bigamy.

dyer gravesend reporter, north kent and south essex advertiser - saturday 25 november 1893
Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser – Saturday 25 November 1893

In 1892 we get a glimpse into what the Danny Dyer likes to do as a hobby, though why it’s relevant to the offence of being drunk and disorderly I’m not so sure.

dyer gloucestershire echo - tuesday 28 june 1892
Gloucestershire Echo – Tuesday 28 June 1892

There are many many stories of other Danny Dyers in 19th Century – and it would take too long to find them all, so let’s finish with this one.

1854 A “notorious” Danny and his house of ill-fame!

A menacing character who told a witness, in court, giving evidence against him, that he should have his tongue cut out of his head.

dyler belfast commercial chronicle - saturday 24 june 1854
Belfast Commercial Chronicle – Saturday 24 June 1854



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