1977: Miracle Saves Man In Mud Trap

Most of the stories I cover date back more than a hundred years – but here’s one well within living memory.

In July 1977  Terry Rushworth was walking by Sundorne Pool in Shrewsbury.

Side by side Left: Sundorne pool 1960s Right: Present day

He looked over and saw what he thought was a “blackened tree stump sticking out” about 20 feet from the bank. He thought nothing of it until a hand started waving and the muddy man called out for help.

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Mr Rushworth, who was a 28 year old soft drinks salesman from Gloucester Road, grabbed two planks of wood that by some miracle were sitting by the side of the pool.

Laying the planks onto the mud he first managed to reach the dog, freeing it, then “up to his waist in mud” he pulled its exhausted owner onto the wood and then to the bank.

Here’s what Terry told the Shrewsbury correspondent for the Birmingham Daily Post.

Birmingham Daily Post - Monday 11 July 1977
Birmingham Daily Post – Monday 11 July 1977

The man he saved was a Mr Michael Williams, a 28 year old bachelor and car park attendant from Field Crescent. He was taken to hospital. He’d said he’d waded in to save his Labrador after it became stuck in the mud.

As you can see beneath the story went national and made it to page two of the Daily Mirror.

the Mirror
Daily Mirror – Monday 11 July 1977 Daily Mirror – Monday 11 July 1977 With thanks to Trinity Mirror. Digitised by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited. All rights reserved.

Sadly the hero of this story, Terry Rushworth died in February 1986, when he drowned in the River Severn.

NOTE. Please feel free to share the stories that I dig up and cover in the blog, and if you do, please share the link (don’t copy and paste the article) as that way I will know that people are reading and enjoying the stories and I will do more.
Thank you,
Richard Tisdale

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