1890: Hot Air Balloon Death

Horrible Balloon accident.

Wellington Journal – Saturday 06 September 1890:

“A telegram from Woodfield [Woodsfield], Ohio says:- Ten thousand people were present on Friday at the county fair, when a hot-air balloon ascent took place.


The balloon was inflated over a furnace, and as it shot upward the spectators were horrified to see that a young man, named Redin, was hanging to the end of a rope attached to the balloon.

He endeavoured to climb into the basket, but unsuccessfully, and after holding on for few minutes fell to the ground from altitude of a thousand feet. His body was terribly mangled.”

WOODSFIELD IN 1886. 531 MONROE COUNTY. Image from Historical Collections of Ohio: An Encyclopedia of the State ; History Both General and Local, Geography with Descriptions of Its Counties, Cities and Villages, Its Agricultural, Manufacturing, Mining and Business Development, Sketches of Eminent and Interesting Characters, Etc., with Notes of a Tour over It in 1886 V 2


The area still has a county show


Google map


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